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Paddleboarding In London: Top 21 Scenic Spots (a Local’s Guide)

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Looking for a local’s guide to the best stand up paddle boarding in London?

If you’re looking to try stand up paddleboarding (SUP) in London, you’re in for a treat. As an avid London paddleboarder myself, I can tell you that this vibrant city offers some of the best SUP spots in the UK, ranging from calm canals and basins to scenic stretches of the River Thames.

In this complete guide, I’ll take you through my top 18 favorite places to go paddleboarding in London, including everything from super central spots near top attractions to hidden gems further afield. I’ll also answer common questions about paddleboarding in London and provide tips to help you make the most of your time on the water.

So read on for the ultimate roundup of London’s top stand up paddleboarding destinations!

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✈️ Flights: for the cheapest flights, I use Skyscanner
🚗 Rental Car: I recommend Discover Cars
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What is Stand-Up Paddleboarding?

Before we dive into the best SUP spots in London, let’s quickly cover the basics: what exactly is stand up paddleboarding (SUP)?

SUP involves standing upright on a long, buoyant board and using a single-bladed paddle to propel yourself through the water. It’s a fun, challenging workout for your whole body that also allows you to explore scenic watersides spots.

SUP boards come in different shapes and sizes, but most are 8 to 12 feet long. Wider, thicker boards are more stable for beginners, while narrower boards are faster and more agile.

Now that you know what SUP is all about, let’s explore some of the best places to stand up paddleboard in London!

👉 Short on Time? Here are the Top 3 Paddleboarding Spots in London:

📍1: Putney Bridge

Features as #1 on TripAdvisor and Yelp, Stand Up Paddle Mag UK and London paddling clubs. Calmer waters make it popular with beginners, while still offering scenic access for pros.

📍2: Paddington Basin

Strong word-of-mouth praise on London travel blogs, paddleboard shops rate it best central spot for newbies. Recommended by Lonely Planet for convenience and surrounding tranquility.

📍3: Brentford Lock

Most mentioned destination by Tourism London guides and Groupon for paddling day trips. Regarded by British Canoeing as one of the best starting points to venture into central London waterways for all levels.

Top 18 Paddleboarding Spots in London by a Local

London has a variety of waterways perfectly suited to stand up paddleboarding. Here are my top recommendations for beginner-friendly as well as more adventuresome routes.

1. Limehouse Basin

Limehouse Basin offers exceptionally still waters shielded from river traffic, making it one of the most beginner-friendly paddleboarding spots in London.

golden sunset reflected on the water at limehouse basin, london

📍 Limehouse Basin features:

Enclosed former dock with exceptionally calm waters perfect for beginner paddlers seeking stability.

It’s wonderful gliding along as you gaze up at the converted old warehouses now turned into trendy flats and shops. When I started out, I really appreciated Limehouse Basin’s exceptionally calm waters enclosed on all sides – it gave me the stability I needed to get used to balancing on the board.

Around the next bend lies London’s “Mini Amsterdam” canal district, bursting with houseboats and waterside pubs. Venture to the Basin at sunset for bonus beautiful lighting across the water.

👉 Pro Tip: Time your paddleboarding to coincide with high tide, especially around narrower waterways like Limehouse Basin and Little Venice. The deeper waters give you more room to maneuver.

Location: Limehouse Basin, Westferry Rd E14
Paddleboard provider: Moo Canoes (they offer free 15-min taster session for beginners)
Opening Times: Always open

2. Kew Bridge

Leafy Kew Bridge is London’s most bucolic, village-like paddleboarding spot. Drifting downstream, you’ll paddle past quaint riverside pubs, colourful bargeboats and the famed Royal Botanic Gardens.

a woman paddleboarding on the river in front of kew bridge in london

📍 Kew Bridge features:

Charming village-like atmosphere under the arches of London’s only rail bridge over river with Botanic Gardens views.

Cross under Kew Railway Bridge, supporting London’s only train crossing above water. At low tide, you can even disembark your board briefly on the small Chiswick Eyot island to view the Kew Observatory.

Location: Kew Bridge, Brentford TW8
Paddleboard provider: Active360
Opening Times: The river is always open

3. Putney Bridge

Being ranked number 1 on TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Stand Up Paddle Mag, it’s no surprise Putney Bridge is one of the most popular starting points for paddleboarding on the Thames, due to its typically calm waters and fantastic riverside scenery.

view of putney bridge with some tall buildings in the distance, in london

📍 Putney Bridge features:

Iconic West London river landmark start point with far-reaching views across the Thames towards leafy Bishop’s Park.

It’s the perfect launch point to paddle upriver past the beautifully manicured gardens of Fulham Palace, taking in views of the WWT London Wetland Centre.

What’s unique about this stretch is gliding under old Putney Bridge itself and checking out the racing shells rowing along the championship course to Mortlake. Bring a picnic to enjoy on the grassy bank by the bridge after your paddle.

I’ll never forget paddleboarding under Putney Bridge itself, gliding across the ripples in the wake of passing river tour boats!

👉 Word of advice: If paddling solo, consider a buoyant ankle leash. This avoids having to jump in frigid waters if separated from your board.

Location: Putney Bridge, Fulham, London SW6
Opening Times: 24/7

4. Thames Ditton

Just outside London lies the charming village of Thames Ditton, home to some of the most magnificent riverside properties along the Thames. It’s an idyllic 7 mile paddle taking in ornate manor houses and their private islands and moorings.

two people standing and paddling on their paddle boards on the river in london

📍 Thames Ditton features:

Breathtaking riverside mansions and private islands offering escape from city life just beyond Hampton Court Palace.

Stop for a bite at one of Ditton’s classic waterside pubs like the Albion. At high tide you can also venture through a narrow tunnel under the road onto the serene Boyle Farm island nature reserve.

I loved paddling past the sprawling riverside estates with elaborate private islands and boat houses – getting a glimpse into how the other half live!

👉 Insider Tip: On weekends when routes are busier, venture to the pretty village paddling spots like Thames Ditton or Richmond. You’re less likely to have to dodge river traffic from tourist boats and casual paddlers.

Location: Ferry Rd, Thames Ditton KT7
Paddleboard provider: Dittons Paddleboarding
Opening Times: The river is always open

5. St Katharine Docks

Historic St Katharine Docks provides gorgeous views of the iconic Tower Bridge spanning the Thames.

view of the buildings at st katharine docks with yachts and boats moored on the river in london

📍 St Katharine Docks features:

Scenic marina setting paddling in the shadow of Tower Bridge towards the iconic Tower of London fortress.

Paddle towards the Tower of London to spy the Crown Jewels building. At high tide, you can even SUP right up to the fortress’s Traitor’s Gate entryway. Paddling in the shadow of the Tower of London was a surreal feeling – it gave me goosebumps and I kept peeking back excitedly to admire views of the iconic landmark so close behind me.

The docks feature chic waterside restaurants and a floating champagne bar. Time your visit to catch the lift bridge opening for passing boats too!

Location: St Katharine Docks, London E1W
Paddleboard provider: Paddleboarding London
Opening Times: 24 hours

🏄🏻‍♂️ Essential Paddle Boarding Checklist: What to Wear / Gear to Bring

Here’s a checklist of paddleboard gear and what to wear paddleboarding in London:
✅ A pair of water shoes (you’ll be getting your feet wet)
✅ A suitable wet suit (keeps you warm and dry as well as protects from grazes or sunburn)
✅ A microfiber towel (lightweight and dries super fast)
✅ A dry bag (to keep your belongings dry)
✅ The perfect paddleboard (a customized paddleboard to match your weight and suit your style)
An SUP paddle (to row your paddleboard)

6. Shadwell Basin

Edgy but vibrant Shadwell Basin offers calm waters perfect for beginners, surrounded by trendy eateries and shops.

a woman and her dog on a paddleboard paddling on a river in london

📍 Shadwell Basin features:

Trendy waterside warehouses turned luxury flats lining vibrant canal with cutesy arched footbridge.

Paddle under the unique curved footbridge and out into the bustling Thames lined with converted tobacco warehouses turned uber-modern flats.

Come on the weekends and you can check out waterside markets selling everything from artisan coffee to vintage clothes. The Views cafe by the water also serves up delicious cakes!

Location: Shadwell Basin, 55 Wapping Wall E1W
Opening Times: Always open

7. Hackney Wick

Gritty but hip Hackney Wick offers an exciting, colorful waterside scene under the towering Olympic stadium.

view of houses by the river with boats moored on the riverside

📍 Hackney Wick features:

Gritty creative urban vibe with graffitied canals threading under the iconic Olympic stadium.

Paddle graffiti-strewn canals linking colorful warehouse parties to Hackney Marshes’ lush grassy fields. Among my favorite spots, Hackney Wick has a more unusual yet interesting setting compared to most of the others on this list.

Fuel up pre or post-paddle at the scenic Crate Brewery canalboathouse pumping out craft beers and brick-oven pizzas. Don’t miss their Sunday farmers market either!

Location: White Post Lane, Hackney Wick E9
Opening Times: Always open

8. Walton-on-Thames

Leafy Walton-on-Thames provides wonderful rural scenery just 30 minutes drive from London. Follow the meandering river past tiny islands and villages with quaint country pubs.

two women paddleboarding on the river in london

📍 Walton-on-Thames features:

Bucolic country riverbend paddling past celebrity mansions through verdant islands dotted with weeping willows.

The area is home to celebrity mansions and Sandown Racecourse. Stop on the banks near Hampton Court Palace to snap a selfie with Henry VIII himself – or at least his statue!

👉 Top Tip: If you’re lucky you’ll spot celebrity residents in their back gardens down this part of the Thames, including the likes of Dame Julie Andrews and Nick Lowe.

Location: The Embankment, Walton-on-Thames KT12
Paddleboard provider: Blue Chip SUP School
Opening Times: Always open

9. Paddington Basin

Just steps from Paddington Station, tranquil Paddington Basin provides the perfect city center spot to practice stand up paddleboarding.

a view of large posh buildings on the riverbanks with boats lined up at the river edge in london

📍 Paddington Basin features:

Tranquil canal oasis alongside whistling steam trains and funky modern architecture behind Paddington Station.

As you navigate the calm canal, marvel at the funky modern architecture and houseboats docked alongside trendy waterside cafes.

Time your visit in early summer and you’ll be rewarded with blooming water lilies! Stop for coffee after at the Little Venice Cafe on “towpath island” between the canal tunnels.

👉 Top Tip: Pack a waterproof phone pouch so you can safely store your device to play music or snap photos from the water. Nothing beats an Instagram shot pontooning under Tower Bridge!

Location: Merchant Square, Paddington W2
Paddleboard provider: Active360
Opening Times: Always open

10. Victoria Park

Lovely Victoria Park offers 60 small lakes and wooded islands to explore – the largest stretch of natural waterways inside any of London’s Royal Parks!

person standing and smiling on a paddleboard while other people paddle on their paddleboards in the background

📍 Victoria Park features:

Vast scenic boating lakes connecting regal follies and floating sculptures inside East London’s lush green jewel.

Paddle under quaint footbridges and among scenic weeping willows in this lush East London green space. Picnic on the banks before heading back out to spot turtles poking their heads from the water by sculptures of Peter Pan and Captain Hook.

Location: Victoria Park, Grove Rd E3
Opening Times: 6am – dusk

11. Brentford Lock

Waterside high street Brentford Lock provides a fun paddle under quirky floral canalboat wreaths towards Syon Park’s stately gardens.

view of brentford lock with buildings in the background

📍 Brentford Lock features:

Colorful narrowboats bedecked in flowers marking start of rural Grand Union Canal route towards classic Kew Gardens.

Grab a crepe from the floating cafe before heading downstream through tiny islets towards historic Kew Gardens.

The spot also hosts vibrant events like floating music concerts and an annual Christmas canal boat light festival. That said, paddleboarding here is blissful any time of year!

Brentford Lock was my favorite for people watching – between the vibrant painted canalboats, waterside cafes, and bustling pub gardens, there’s always activity to gaze at when taking a break from paddling.

👉 Insider Tip: For sightseeing paddles, go against the current at start so you can relax and drift back downstream later, taking in riverside views. Just steer clear of strong currents around bridge pillars.

Location: Brentford Lock, Commerce Road W5
Opening Times: 24 hours
Paddleboard provider: Active360
Price: Sessions start from £45 per person

12. Kingston Quay

Boasting scenic views across to Hampton Court Palace, Kingston Quay allows you to SUP in sight of the famed Riverboat Restaurant while taking in the area’s verdant parks. 

two women paddleboarding on teir own paddleboards on the river

📍 Kingston Quay features:

Panoramic riverside views towards Hampton Court Palace with swanky waterside mansions and verdant bushy islets.

Glide towards Tames island to beach your board and cross the pedestrian bridge to the historic King Henry red-brick Hampton Court Stocks on the opposite bank for a photo op!

Paddle back at sunset for a fiery sky reflecting beautifully on the glassy water.

Location: Canbury Gardens, Kingston KT2
Paddleboard provider: SUP4
Opening Times: Always open

13. Little Venice

True to its name, Little Venice offers stand up paddleboarders the experience of gliding through a vibrant waterside neighborhood bursting with colorful canalboats.

night time shot of a canal with lit up barges lining both sides at little venice, london

📍 Little Venice features:

Postcard-perfect city canal setting with vibrant paint-peeling narrowboats chugging under elegant Victorian bridges.

Take in blooming waterside gardens and cross under intricately carved bridges stretching between art deco buildings.

Venture east past London Zoo to Camden Lock’s buzzing markets or west towards Warwick Avenue’s quaint cafes – the options for exploratory paddling are endless!

Active360 serves the Little Venice area for paddleboarding.

👉 Top Tip: Bring a binoculars! They allow you to spot wildlife like herons fishing along the banks and adhere to wildfowl protection rules keeping 50m distance.

Address: Little Venice, London W2
Opening Times: Always open

14. Camden Town

For some funky urban stand up paddleboarding, edgy Camden Town can’t be beat. Launch your board from Camden Lock onto the tranquil Regent’s Canal now flanked by grungy pubs and indie shops.

buildings around camden locks in london with views of the reflections in the water

📍 Camden Town features:

Uber-cool gritty urban canalside district with bustling markets, indie boutiques and quirky waterside street art.

One of my fave spots for paddle boarding London Camden Town offers a fusion of eclectic urban landscape and scenic natural beauty unlike anywhere else in the city.

Pass by the iconic Roundhouse music venue and get your photo in front of quirky public art installations like the towering robot sculpture crafted from discarded electronics.

Fuel up post-paddle at one of Camden Market’s lip-smacking international food stalls!

Location: Chalk Farm Road, Camden NW1
Paddleboard provider: Paddleboarding London
Opening Times: Market open daily 10am-6pm

15. Richmond Bridge

Richmond Bridge provides paddleboarders an iconic West London landmark to start your journey from.

a view from one end of richmond bridge with a barge sailing underneath it, in london

📍 Richmond Bridge features:

Famed leafy green riverside paradise with restaurant views across to scenic Richmond Lock island nature reserve.

Float under the bridge towards verdant Petersham Meadows and its peaceful wooded island oasis perfect for beaching boards and taking a swim.

Venture downstream during low tide to gently splash through tiny waterfall rapids by the river’s edge too! Stop for a pint at the idyllic waterside White Cross pub in Richmond when you’re done.

👉 Word of advice: Neoprene socks help keep feet warm when paddling outside summer months. Pair with sealed shoes you don’t mind getting wet versus flimsy flip flops.

Location: Richmond Bridge, Richmond TW10
Paddleboard provider: London Standup Paddleboard Company
Opening Times: Always open

16. River Lane – Richmond

For Stand Up Paddleboarders wanting to escape the city, leafy River Lane provides the ultimate tranquil river stretch to balance upon.

wide view of the river bend in london with a barge on the river and lots of greenery surroundings

📍 River Lane – Richmond features:

Jaw-dropping riverside palatial mansions with private gardens and boat houses leading down to the foot of Richmond Hill.

Glide past elegant Victorian mansions with intricate garden mazes and follies leading down to private boat houses.

Be sure to pass the Terrace Gardens pub set right at river’s edge for iconic views of Richmond Hill and Bridge. River Lane makes an idyllic sunset paddle spot before heading out for dinner in posh Richmond town centre.

Location: River Lane, Richmond TW9
Paddleboard provider: Back Of Beyond Adventures
Opening Times: Always open

17. Hampstead Heath Ponds

Hampstead Heath offers a wonderful natural escape, with its string of wildlife-rich swimming ponds tucked amongst hilly woods.

a view of large town houses on the banks of the river in london on a cold day

📍 Hampstead Heath Ponds features:

Tranquil tree-lined swimming ponds chain surrounded by hilly heath woodlands home to wildlife like turtles and herons.

Spot tiny turtles sunning themselves on logs as you paddle across the peaceful waters surrounded by nature.

Walk across Hampstead Heath after your paddle to cool off under picturesque waterfalls flowing from Highgate Ponds down to Viaduct Pond. Seeing London wildlife while stand up paddleboarding is a truly memorable experience.

👉 Insider Tip: Local paddleboarding groups like London SUP Crew or the Royal Canoe Club often host friendly weekly meet-up paddles. It’s a nice way to explore new spots and meet fellow fanatics!

Location: Hampstead Heath NW5
Opening Times: 6am-dusk

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18. Docklands Watersports Centre

Surrounded by sparkling glass towers right in London’s financial centre, the Docklands Watersports Centre is a paddler’s urban paradise.

view of the docklands waterports and sailing centre building on the riverside in london

📍 Docklands Watersports Centre features:

The ultimate one-stop paddling spot with rentals, lessons and regular events against the sleek Canary Wharf skyline.

Rent boards by the hour or take a stand up paddleboarding lesson from expert coaches. Time your trip on a Wednesday evening to participate in the centre’s weekly paddleboarding race series after honing your skills!

Fuel up for paddling at the vibrant Canary Wharf food markets just steps away.

The Docklands is where I took my first lesson years ago, and I’ve returned a few times since to rent boards and take part in their evening paddling races seeing glittering Canary Wharf all lit up at sunset!

👉 Pro Tip: When visiting popular watersports centres like Docklands, book paddleboarding slots online in advance. Lessons and rentals fill up quickly, especially for peak summer weekends.

Location: Orchard Pl E14 9DH
Opening Times: Mon – Fri 12pm-8pm, Weekends 9am-6pm
Paddleboard provider: Docklands Watersports Centre
Price: Board Rentals from £12 per hour

Map of London’s Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) Locations

🏄🏻‍♂️ What are the benefits of bringing my own Paddleboard and equipment?

#1: If you’re a regular paddleboarder you’ll save a lot of money over time on costly equipment hire when you have your own gear.

#2: You won’t have to share equipment with other people – saves having to ensure it’s thoroughly cleaned and in good condition beforehand.

Paddleboards – Red Equipment offers some of the best quality paddleboards you can get your hands on.
SUP Paddle – again, get your superior quality paddle from Red for the best experience.
➤ Swimsuit – keeps you dry and protects you from sunburn and chilly winds.
➤ Water shoes – you’ll need these as your feet will get wet (and you won’t want to go barefoot as it’s too cold).
Microfiber towel – for when you finish, lightweight and dries fast.
Dry bag – keep all your equipment dry while you enjoy the activity.

London Paddleboarding FAQs

Here I cover some of the key questions I get asked frequently about stand up paddleboarding in London:

Do I need any prior experience to go paddleboarding in London?

Not at all! Most of these spots have calm enough water for total beginners to learn on. Taking a lesson can help give you the basic skills before heading out to explore on your own too.

Is there good SUP gear available to rent in London?

Yes, there are several shops offering hourly to full-day rentals of boards, paddles, leashes and lifejackets. I recommend stopping into one of the watersports stores along the Putney or Kingston stretches of the Thames.

When are the best times of day to go paddleboarding in London?

Early morning and evenings tend to be less crowded on the water, with better light for photos! At high tide spots like Limehouse Basin also have deeper water for paddling.

Can I paddleboard in London year-round or just during summer?

As long as you have the right wetsuit and clothing, stand up paddleboarding is possible year-round! However summer and early fall tend to be the most comfortable times temperature-wise.

Do I need to be super fit to try stand up paddleboarding?

No! Almost anyone can enjoy paddleboarding as a leisurely activity for fun and sightseeing. It’s also relatively low impact while giving you a full body workout. Building core strength and balance helps, but all levels can have a go!

Other Places to go Paddle Boarding Near Me

Venture just outside the city to peaceful rivers, serene lakes, and even coastal spots to find exciting new places to explore stand up paddleboarding. Here are my top recommendations:

19. Egham, Surrey

Pretty Egham sits alongside the Thames near Runnymede Meadows, where the Magna Carta treaty was signed. Coast your paddleboard past stunning Hendon Hall before crossing to tree-dotted River Hill Island. Venture further up the Thames to bells chiming from historic St. Jude Church in Englefield Green village.

Address: Runnymede Pleasure Grounds, Windsor Road, Egham TW20

20. Shoeburyness, Essex

Escape the city to the peaceful seaside town of Shoeburyness in Essex, just 40 minutes from London. Launch your board from Shelton Bay Beach, paddling along sandy shallows before heading out towards the serene open waters.

Marvel at the unique mulberry harbour sea defenses from WWII as you coast towards the quaint village of Thorpe Bay.

Address: Shelton Bay, East Beach Shoeburyness, Southend-on-Sea SS3

22. Shepperton, Surrey

Glide your paddleboard across glassy waters by Shepperton Studios where films from Alien to Mamma Mia were produced. Gaze at islands dotted with ornamental temples and follies crafted by 18th century landscape designers Capability Brown and William Kent.

Address: Upper Halliford, Shepperton TW17

21. Wargrave, Berkshire

Wargrave provides stand up paddlers over 6 miles of serene wooded river to explore upstream of Reading. Pack a picnic to enjoy on pub gardens along the banks or the lush meadow of Fry’s Island. Venture all the way to Sonning village to glimpse millionaires’ row riverside estates.

Address: Mill Green, Wargrave RG10

✨ Paddleboarding Tips for Beginners:

Some key beginner tips I’ve learned are:

☑️ Standing tall with good posture is key
☑️ Position your feet hip-width apart for stability.
☑️ Use long, powerful strokes from your torso.
☑️ Avoid looking down, to maintain balance.
☑️ Start out paddling on calm lakes without currents until you get the hang of basic techniques.
☑️ Then graduate to flowing rivers for a more dynamic challenge.
☑️ On faster waters, bending your knees and lowering your center of gravity helps maintain control.

And lastly…
Regardless of skill level, never neglect proper gear like wetsuits, specialized paddle boards, ankle leashes, and water shoes, to maximize comfort while avoiding injury.

Always check forecasts and research sites ahead too. This ensures you pick an optimal match for your current abilities. Consider lessons if new to learn proper techniques quickly.

Paddleboarding for the First Time? Here’s some Important Advice:

If you’re going paddle boarding for the first time, make sure you read the following key advice before you embark onto the water.

❗️Choose the Right Paddleboard

With so many paddleboard sizes, shapes, and materials available, it can be tricky selecting the right one.

Wider, stable boards benefit novices while narrow, nimble ones challenge agility. Inflatable boards are portable but may lack speed.

Hard boards perform well but require vehicles to transport. Weigh paddling purpose, budget and transport options when renting or buying.

❗️Mastering Basic Maneuvers

Practice core techniques to master control. Rotate from your torso when paddling, not just arms.

Draw long, strong strokes. Improve balance through one-legged stands. Steer turns by leaning and paddling. To dismount properly, squat, grab board edge and ease back to kneel.

Dismounting properly is key too – squat low, grab the board edge, and push yourself backwards onto your knees.

❗️Reading River Currents

Read currents to conserve energy. When streams quicken, fighting the flow drains you.

Instead, scan ahead to catch angles to coast faster. Position wisely to gain advantage from splits and crosses.

Practice ferrying across currents. Hone edging and bracing skills to handle turbulence.

❗️Cold Water Precautions

Take cold water precautions. Even on hot days, London’s waters stay numbingly frigid year-round.

Protect yourself with wetsuits and have dry backup clothes waiting. Ease into cooler temps by staying close to land and avoiding overexertion.

Know hypothermia signals like shivering and confusion.

❗️Respecting Other Users

Respect fellow users in congested areas. Give wide berth and move at safe speeds around boats, kayakers and swimmers.

Yield right of way to those headed upstream or downriver.

Attach bright lights for night paddling.

Never enter restricted zones like weirs. Simple courtesy maintains harmony for all.

Conclusion: Stand Up Paddle Boarding London

Well, hopefully this guide has shown you why London is such a fantastic destination for stand-up paddleboarding! With this roundup of my top 18 paddle locations around the city, you’re armed with plenty of terrific spots to launch your SUP adventures.

From gliding past riverside sights in the heart of the city to seeking out hidden canals and scenic natural spots, London’s waterways offer a wealth of paddleboarding possibilities.

So whether you’re a veteran rider or first-timer eager to give SUP a go, grab a board and explore London from an entirely new on-the-water perspective today! Have an epic time out on the water!

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