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London Map: Tourist Attractions & Informative Guide (Free PDF Maps)

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Looking for the best London tourist maps?

Getting around London – one of the world’s largest, busiest and most touristy cities, can be a challenge for any visitor looking to make the perfect trip that covers all of the highlights.

Where do you begin? Do you use the underground, buses, or perhaps the black cabs? And what maps will you need?

Here I have compiled a collection of various detailed and informative maps of London to help guide you around this historic city, and provide you with a plethora of all the information you need about traveling around London.

From high resolution, detailed prints to simple transport zone / route maps, printable PDFs to vintage Victorian era maps, plus illustrations I designed myself that give a great visual to the city, all of these maps are free to download and use – whether printed or from mobile.

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London Infographic

There’s walking guide maps to the key bus routes, the Underground and Overground networks and the river service, there’s maps for them all.

Need a map of all the toilets and baby-changing facilities? I’ve got you covered for that too.

Did you know: London is the smallest city in England! Technically speaking, the City of London is just one square mile in size. Greater London, on the other hand, is 606 square miles.

For more incredible facts about London, here’s 47 Curious Facts about London

London Maps: Tourist Attractions, Informative Guides

A collection of various Free London map PDFs. Including central London map, street map of London, restroom facilities, top attractions maps, and more.

Interactive Central London Map – Google

Check out the interactive map below to see 20 of the most popular and iconic landmarks and attractions across the city of London, including World Heritage Sites, event venues, museums and palaces.

Illustrated London Map with Attractions

Here’s a detailed illustration map I designed of London, featuring the major landmarks, icons, parks, and famous streets, to help give a visual guide of the city in general.

Central London Map

London Map Tube (The London Underground)

The complete map of London’s Underground and Overground rail networks, as well as the zones that each station sits in. If you use the Oyster card for getting around London, the stations you can travel to will depend on which zones you selected. If you chose the Zones 1-5 option, you’ll easily cover the entirety of central London.

You can download a high quality printable PDF here:

🏛️ Top Historical Tours in London

tube map

London Street Map – Walking Guide

Detailed map of central London’s streets and roads for those doing walking tours around London. Download the free PDF here:


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Central London Map of Bus Routes

A map of all the key bus routes in central London, covering all the major landmarks and attractions. Download the full printable PDF here:

bus routes

Hop-on Hop-off Detailed Map of London

A visual map of the the Big Bus London tour operator’s routes around central London, you can decide which of the routes you’d like to go on if you fancy the scenic, open-top double decker tour of London’s top attractions.

Download the free PDF here:


Tourist Map of Central London

Now here’s a sightseeing map with labels of all the major attractions across Central London, courtesy of On The World Map. You can download the free PDF here:


🚶🏽‍♂️Explore London with the tours below!

London Foodie Map

Here’s a map of some of the top restaurants across Central London, of varying budget ranges, also courtesy of On The World Map. You can download the free PDF here:


🥘 Immerse yourself in a culinary world of London

London Hotels with King size (and super King size) beds

Here’s an interactive map of 10 of the best hotels in London with king size and super king size beds available, perfect for very tall people (or those who want extra space). Click on the button below the map to go to the Booking site and type in your preferred hotel name.

London River Thames Services Map

A map of all the routes for the river bus, tour boat and ferry services along the River Thames in the London area. Download the free PDF here:

river thames services

London City Map: Underground Toilets and Baby Changing Facilities

This map covers every toilet and baby-changing facility at underground stations in London, so when nature calls – you’ll never have to worry when you’re safe in the knowledge of your nearest facility. Download the free PDF here:

toilets-map copy

Google Map: Top 10 Budget Restaurants in London

This interactive map shows the top 10 best places to eat in central London on a budget, based off 5-star reviews and popularity on Tripadvisor (as of 2020). You can zoom in and out of the map and click on the markers to see the restaurant name and address on Google maps.

Google Map: Top 10 Independent Cafes in London

Now here’s an interactive map of the top 10 best budget independent cafes across central London, based off 5-star reviews and popularity on Tripadvisor (as of 2023).

Vintage Street Map of London:

For history buffs and fans of vintage / old style maps, here’s a map from the Victorian era – Bacon’s central London map, circa 1885. Click here to download the free PDF.

Bacon Map London 1885

🏨 Where to Stay in London

General Information about London

Area: 607 square miles (1,572km squared)
Weather: 9C (winter), 27C (summer)
Population: 8.9 million (1st in UK)
Time Zone: UTC (Greenwich Mean Time), UTC+1 (British Summer Time)
Founded: 50AD (Londinium, founded by the Romans)
International Airports: Heathrow (LHR), Gatwick (LGW), City (LCY), Stansted (STN), Luton (LTN)

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Day Tours and Activities in London

Below is a selection of some of the most popular activities and day trips happening in London, courtesy of Get Your Guide – feel free to click on any that interest you (and remember – if you change your mind, you can cancel at anytime).

London Maps FAQs:

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about London Maps:

Which London attractions are close together?

London attractions that are close together include Parliament, Westminster Abbey, and Big Ben, which are conveniently located next to each other near Westminster tube station. Additionally, a short walk away are 10 Downing Street and Buckingham Palace. County Hall, home to the London Eye, is also nearby.

Which London attractions are free?

There are several free attractions in London, including the British Museum, where you can explore artifacts from around the world. The National Gallery houses an impressive collection of art and offers free admission to its permanent collections. Other free attractions include Tate Modern, Kensington Gardens, and Buckingham Palace Changing of the Guard ceremony.

What is the best map to use in London?

For navigating London, Google Maps is considered the best option, though there are also various other maps available. The Visit London website offers free downloadable maps and guides, including Tube and DLR maps. The central London bus map is also recommended for its geographically displayed tube stations and places of interest.

What is the number one attraction in London?

Buckingham Palace and the Changing of the Guard is perhaps the greatest attraction in London. One of Britain’s most iconic buildings, Buckingham Palace is also the scene of the Changing of the Guard – admired by militaries the world over as the finest display of pomp and circumstance.

What should I see in London?

In London, there are several attractions worth seeing. Some popular sights include Regent’s Park with its Open Air Theatre and London Zoo. Other must-see places include the city’s graveyards, parks, and monuments, with Highgate Cemetery being notable for housing the remains of Karl Marx and others.

How many towns are there in London?

London does not have towns in the traditional sense. Instead, it is divided into areas and boroughs. The city of London is administered by the Greater London Authority and the City of London Corporation, along with 32 London boroughs.

What counts as central London?

Central London refers to the innermost part of London, England, encompassing several boroughs. Its definition can vary, but it generally includes areas with a high population density, significant commercial activity, iconic landmarks, and high land values. The precise boundaries and definitions may vary depending on the context.


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