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Cardiff Helicopter Ride: My Favorite Sightseeing Tours 2024

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Looking for the best Cardiff Helicopter Ride Tours?

Have you ever wondered what Cardiff looks like from hundreds of feet in the air? Get ready for a bird’s eye view of Wales’ capital city that will take your breath away!

Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned sightseer, a helicopter tour of Cardiff allows you to see this vibrant city in a way you never imagined. As the helicopter gently lifts off the helipad and soars skyward, get your camera ready for amazing aerial views of icons like Cardiff Castle, Principality Stadium, and Cardiff Bay.

Having taken a helicopter tour in Cardiff myself, I’ll let you in on everything you need to know to book an unforgettable helicopter adventure exploring Cardiff from new heights in 2024.

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👉 Short on time? Here are the Bestselling Cardiff Helicopter Tours:

📍Cardiff Helicopter Pleasure Flight – Duration: 10 mins (16 miles) – £100 per person

📍Cardiff Helicopter Sightseeing Tour – Duration: 20 mins (34 miles) – £215 per person

📍Cardiff Bay Sightseeing Tour For Two – Duration: 20 mins – £309 per couple

front view of a parked helicopter on a field with a pilot and spectator visible inside the helicopter

Helicopter Tours from Cardiff: How It Works

Your aerial adventure begins at Cardiff Heliport, an aviation hub located a quick 6 minutes from the city centre. The heliport has a passenger terminal and landing area where helicopters can safely take off and land.

You’ll check in at the terminal and may enjoy light refreshments while waiting for your flight. Once the helicopter is ready, you’ll be escorted out to board. Helicopters used for sightseeing tours generally seat 3-6 passengers.

As the helicopter gently lifts off, your pilot’s commentary highlights what to spot outside. Cardiff Castle, the oval Principality Stadium, Cardiff Bay, and the Bristol Channel are just some of the highlights you can expect to see on most standard helicopter tours.

Flights last anywhere from 10 minutes for an quick spin over the city up to 30 minutes for an extended tour. The longer you’re airborne, the more of Cardiff and its surroundings you’ll be able to take in.

 👉 I recommend at least 15 minutes to fully soak up the views at an unhurried pace.

After landing back at the heliport, you can purchase keepsake photos and videos captured during your flight. Nothing beats having visual mementos of your incredible helicopter view of Cardiff!

view from inside the helicopter of the back of the pilot's head and a glimpse of cardiff bay ahead

Cardiff Helicopter Experience: Tour Agencies

Virgin Experience Helicopter Tours my fave choice and the company I went with for my helicopter ride, Virgin Experience offers flights ranging from 10 minutes to 30 minutes. They use 3 and 5 seat helicopters, so you can share the experience with family and friends. Standard and VIP packages are available.

Experience Days Sightseeing Tours offers exhilarating helicopter rides over Cardiff Bay and the city centre. Both group sightseeing and private charters are available.

Cardiff Sightseeing: Availability

The main helicopter tour season in Cardiff runs from March to October. During these months, good weather makes for ideal flying conditions. However, tours can still operate outside peak season if weather permits.

For the best availability, it’s a good idea to book your Cardiff helicopter flight at least a few weeks in advance. This is especially true if you want to fly on weekends or are planning a tour for a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary.

While some companies offer year-round availability, winter tours are weather dependent and may be more restricted. Always confirm ahead of time if planning a winter helicopter flight.

Cardiff Helicopter Rides Requirements

Cardiff helicopter tours have few requirements to participate:

❗️Minimum age is usually 2 years old for standard sightseeing tours. Though some companies allow infants under 1.

❗️Passengers must be able to board the helicopter unaided and fit safety harnesses.

❗️Certain medical conditions like pregnancy, heart issues, back/neck problems may prevent flying per operator policies.

❗️Maximum weight is 18 stone per passenger (14 stone for front seat, at an additional charge).

❗️Most companies suggest wearing flat, closed toe shoes and avoiding loose/baggy clothing for safety.

As long as you meet basic health and mobility requirements, plus follow safety protocols, you should have no issues taking a helicopter tour. Just be sure to disclose any medical concerns when booking.

Helicopter Ride Duration

Cardiff helicopter flight durations include:

10 minutes: Quick loop giving a taste of the cityscape from above
20 minutes: Enough time to fly over downtown, the bay, and surroundings
30 minutes: Extended tour taking in the full scope of Cardiff and nearby areas
30-60 minutes: Bespoke charters tailored to your personal interests with maximum air time

The right tour length depends on your goals. A short 10 minute spin offers a thrill and introduction to the city. But longer tours give you time to soak in more views at a comfortable pace. For me, 15 minutes was perfect, as I got to see all of Cardiff’s landmarks plus the bays, take snaps and enjoy the incredible views.

So its best to choose a duration that fits your budget and interests. Many companies let you upgrade to a longer flight when booking.

a view of the cockpit inside the helicopter and the cardiff scenery as the helicopter ascends from the helipad

Group Size & Spectators

Cardiff helicopter tours seat groups of:

1-5 passengers per flight. Small planes fit 3-5 and give an intimate experience.
1-6 spectators can be accommodated at the heliport to watch takeoffs/landings.

Having a small audience on the ground lets others share in the excitement – great for proposals, birthdays, or making special occasions extra memorable.

When booking, let the operator know if you plan to have spectators so the heliport staff can make proper arrangements. Keep in mind that not all companies offer spectator options.

Where is it Located?

Helicopter tours in Cardiff depart from Cardiff Heliport located at:

Bay, Foreshore Rd, Cardiff CF10 4LZ

The heliport is around a 6 minute drive from Cardiff city centre. It can easily be reached by car, taxi, or helicopter operator transfers if offered. Onsite parking available.

Surrounded by the waters of the Bristol Channel, the heliport is strategically positioned for incredible aerial views. Look for aviation style signage marking the terminal and landing area.

Cardiff Helicopter Tours: What to Wear

Aim for comfortable, weather appropriate clothing:

☑️ Flat, closed toe shoes – Avoid heels or loose footwear
☑️ Layers for warmth and wind protection as needed
☑️ Sun protection like hats, sunglasses, sunscreen in summer
☑️ Scarves or hair ties to keep hair from whipping around
☑️ Secure small bags/items that won’t fly away during takeoff/landing
☑️ Non-baggy clothing that won’t get caught on harnesses
☑️ Avoid dresses, maxi skirts that limit harness fit
☑️ Dress for enjoying the tour, while following safety guidelines. The operator will do a gear check before boarding to ensure proper attire.


Weather conditions play a big role in helicopters being able to fly:

👉 Tours operate during daylight hours only
👉 Optimal conditions are light wind and good visibility
👉 Strong wind, heavy rain, low cloud cover can prevent flying
👉 Warm sunshine provides the best views over the city
👉 Layer up for cooler temperatures at higher altitudes

Keep an eye on the Cardiff forecast before your flight. Operators closely monitor weather and will delay/reschedule if needed for safety. Rain ponchos are provided in case of light showers.

Now let’s look at the key details for top Cardiff helicopter tours:

Virgin Experience Cardiff Helicopter Tours

Address: Cardiff Heliport, Heliport Rd, Cardiff CF3 2EZ
Opening Times: Daily 9am-5pm
Price: £39-£129 per person
Getting There: 15 minute drive from Cardiff city centre. Free parking onsite.

My personal favorite, Cardiff Helicopter Tours is a top operator with scenic flights ranging from 5 to 30 minutes over the city. Flights depart throughout the day from Cardiff Heliport. Standard group trips and customisable VIP tours available, using 3 and 5 seat helicopters.

Virgin Experience is the company I had my helicopter flight with, so I can vouch for them for a guaranteed, exhilarating experience.

Experience Days Cardiff Helicopter Pleasure Flight

Address: Cardiff Heliport, Heliport Rd, Cardiff CF3 2EZ
Opening Times: Daily 9am-4pm
Price: From £100 per person
Getting There: 15 minute drive from Cardiff city centre. Free parking onsite.

Another highly recommended option, Experience Days provides exciting helicopter rides and charters over Cardiff’s top landmarks. Options range from short 5 minute flights to private half hour tours. Group sightseeing and custom experiences available.

Insider Tips to Make the Most of Your Helicopter Tour

Follow these tips below for a smooth and enjoyable experience to avoid disappointment:

Book Early for the Best Views

Procrastinators might miss out! Reserve your aerial adventure 1-2 months ahead, especially for popular weekend slots. This guarantees you get the day, time and tour duration you want rather than settling. Who knows – you might luck out with a last minute cancellation too!

a female customer and the pilot seated at the front of helicopter smiling and posing for the photo

Capture Cardiff from Flattering Angles

Early morning and late afternoon light bathes Cardiff in golden hues for the most photography-friendly tours. Midday sun can glare off windows and obscure sights below you. If available, sunset flights let you soak in the city lights sparkling to life.

Dress Comfortably While Following the Rules

Skip skirts and dresses that could fly upwards! Close-fitting clothing in breathable fabrics keeps you comfy in the air. And don’t forget hats secured under chin straps along with sunglasses. Essentially, dress for style while avoiding loose items that could get sucked outside.

Scout Out Spectator Spots

Some heliports let friends and family watch from special viewpoints as helicopters takeoff and land. Having an audience waving up at you enhances the thrill! Check if your operator accommodates spectators for that added touch of excitement.

a happy couple standing and smiling in front of a parked helicopter at a heliport

Cardiff Sightseeing FAQs

Here are the most commonly asked questions about helicopter rides in Cardiff:

How much does a Cardiff helicopter tour cost?

Prices range from £39 for a quick 5 minute flight up to £600+ for an extended private charter. Standard 15-20 minute group tours average £99-£150 per person. Luxury and bespoke tours cost more.

What is the best time of day to do a helicopter tour in Cardiff?

Early morning and late afternoon light are best for ideal views and photos. Midday sun can cause glare. Sunset tours are stunning but availability is limited.

What do you see on a Cardiff helicopter tour?

Top sights include Cardiff Castle, Principality Stadium, Cardiff Bay, city landmarks, and surrounding countryside. Coastline views are a highlight. Longer tours see more areas.

How high do helicopters fly on Cardiff tours?

Helicopters generally fly around 1,000-1,500 feet over the city. Height may vary depending on weather and flight path. You’ll have epic aerial views from up high.

How old do you have to be to go on a Cardiff helicopter tour?

Minimum age is usually 2 years old. Some companies allow infants under 1 to fly if held by an adult. Always check age policies when booking.

How do I book a helicopter tour in Cardiff?

Contact the operator directly online or by phone. Give your desired date, tour type, group size. Pay deposit to secure booking. Confirm weather 24 hrs before flight.

What should I wear/bring for a Cardiff helicopter tour?

Wear flat, closed toe shoes and secure clothing. Bring camera, sweater, hats, sun protection as needed. Small bags must be secure. Avoid loose items.

🏨 Where to Stay in Cardiff?

Below are the best options on where to stay in Cardiff, based my own experiences at these recommended places:

📍$ Budget option: ML Lodge Cardiff (double room, family-friendly) – Pleasant 6.0
📍$$$ Luxury option: Parador 44 (Junior Suite) – Exceptional 9.5

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Conclusion: Book Your Pleasure Flights Cardiff Today

Whether you’re a Cardiff local or a first-time visitor, a bird’s eye view of the Welsh capital makes for a truly unforgettable, breathtaking experience. 

As you soar over Cardiff’s iconic attractions in a sleek helicopter with the city laid out like a personal playground below, it’s impossible not to feel a thrill.

Hopefully this inside scoop gets you pumped for booking your own helicopter tour taking in sights like the turreted Cardiff Castle and sparkling Cardiff Bay from a perspective normally only birds enjoy. 

Just secure your tickets early, dress practically, and anticipate some of the most awe-inspiring vistas you’ve ever witnessed courtesy of your expert pilot guide. 

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