26 Unique Travel Themed Gift Ideas (2024 Edition)

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What’s the best gift you can give someone who has an incurable wanderlust addiction?

Travel-themed gifts come to mind naturally, but how do you find the best, most unique travel gift that suits them?

Likely, you came here because you’re still stuck for ideas on the perfect gift to satisfy your loved one’s love of travel.

I’ve been there myself – spending hours researching ideas and stressing on whether that person will like what I bought them. That’s until I came up with this amazing list of incredible gift ideas most people haven’t heard of!

So, worry not – this post will have you covered on choosing from some of the most curious, unique and never-seen-before travel-themed gifts you will ever stumble across.

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From personalized maps and globes to sustainable gifts, the practical gear they’ll actually use to novelty gifts to travel-inspired jewellery, you’re spoilt for choice. Here you’ll find something for everyone – even those who haven’t yet caught the travel bug!

(PS: you’ll love some of these ideas too – so be sure to add these to your own wish list!)

Scroll on to read 26 Unique Travel Themed Gift Ideas (2024 Edition) 

26 Unique Travel-Themed Gifts Ideas in 2024

My recommendations on the best travel-related gift ideas for your loved ones, family and friends,

Globe & Map Gift Ideas

Some of the most exciting gifts you can give a travel lover are globes and large maps. Indeed, one of the best gifts I have ever received is my beloved Luckies World scratch map (the XL version, of course). 

1. Mini Cork Globe

What could be a more unique gift than a mini Cork Globe? A superb choice for any traveler, this little globe sits conveniently on a desk, side table, or shelf, perfect for reminiscing about past travels and dreaming of new adventures. Comes with pins too.

mini cork globe

2. Light Up 3D Globe

Perfect for kids and those who love geography, countries, and cities – the Light Up 3D Globe looks great on a side table or a shelf. You can switch on the light and the globe acts as a stunning, ambient room lamp too!

light up 3D globe

3. Luckies World Scratch Map

The XL Edition of the Luckies World Scratch Map is one of the best gifts I have ever received, so it’s a no-brainer this is a special gift that all travelers will love.


Every morning I admire this map on my wall, gazing at the scratched-off areas that I’ve been to and reminiscing on the incredible memories I have of those places. And looking at the places I’ve yet to visit – with anticipation and excitement – daydreaming about going there one day.

Luckies scratch map

4. Personalized Map In A Bottle Keepsake Gift

A thoughtful and intimate gift for loved ones – this tiny map in a bottle is corked and comes with a personalized message tag.

You can even modify this gift – simply turn it into a pendant by screwing a looped screw into the cork and placing some string or a plain necklace through the loop!

personalised map in bottle

5. Metallic Personalized City Map Print

Another one of my favorite travel gifts is this beautifully made metallic, personalized location map print – you can choose any city or location worldwide, with color options of gold, rose-gold, silver, and gunmetal, you can even have a heart marked on the print, and have it framed too. 

metallic city map print

An affordable gift idea that will no doubt impress anyone with a love of travel or a specific city.

6. Stitch It Yourself Travel Wallet

A luxurious leather travel organizer printed with the world map and is specially perforated, so each country you visit can be marked with a colorful cross.

Features a ‘travel’ needle and threads to create a personalized label, you can stitch initials, a country flag or a bespoke design.

stitch it travel wallet

With credit card and pen holders, zip pocket, document & passport compartments, it’s ideal for organizing your travel essentials.

Available in brown with teal thread, navy with gold thread and an exclusive grey with orange thread.

7. Vintage World Map Passport Cover

An excellent gift for all travelers – the perfect vintage World Map style passport cover comes with a matching Luggage Tag and features a colorfully detailed world map design with visa stamps on the exterior giving it a unique design.

world map passport cover

Made from distressed style faux leather material that is strong and provides great protection for your passport.

Ariel and I got ourselves a pair of these beautiful matching world map passport covers. Not only do we look cool walking around with them, it also gives us some privacy in the airport security queues by concealing our nationalities from others while holding them in our hands.

8. Antique Desk Globe

A perfect alternative to the above globes is a gorgeous antique style desk globe that really stands out in any office space.


On Etsy you can discover a whole range of these stunning globes from vintage nautical ones, Turkish and Moroccan bohemian globes, and even steampunk, and in a wide range of materials from copper, brass, wood, porcelain, and more.

9. Minimalist World Globe Candle

Ok I swear this is the last globe gift suggestion! Seriously though, how COOL does this candle look?! This idea is minimalist and also one of the more unique ideas in case you’ve already got ’em all the above!


Sustainable Gift Ideas

If you’re an eco-friendly global citizen doing your part in the world and looking to buy sustainable gifts for your loved ones, then look no further. More and more people are becoming conscious of our environment and the threat of global warming.

That said, receiving a sustainable gift is still a unique and well-thought-out gift idea. Here’s a few of my favorite products that I have used and bought for others.

10. The Lifestraw Bottle

When you’ve traveled for years as I have, you find that continually buying water gets expensive. And environmentally, you’ll have sadly witnessed the impact that pollution from single-use plastics is inflicting upon the environment.

This is why I now do my part for the world, and why you should too, by always traveling with a reusable filter bottle. The Water-to-Go is a fantastic brand and its filters last five years, so you’ll save money.


11. OrganicMe Re-usable Bamboo Cutlery Set & Straw

A sustainable, reusable cutlery set is an awesome travel essential and a must for anyone conscious of being eco-friendly on their travels.

cutlery set

This is a new addition to my carry-on list – after years of traveling the world and witnessing the devastation that plastic waste is causing, and realizing my part in this destruction, its no doubt one of the most important carry-on travel items that I travel with.

12. Natural Toothpaste Bites

A relatively new addition to sustainable travel – this jar of toothpaste tablets is the solution to wasteful toothpaste tubes that not only count as a liquid in airports, they are difficult to empty and they end up in landfills. Even the jar itself is sustainable. 

natural toothpaste bites

It takes a bit of getting used to the strong taste of these tablets, but they are 100% natural, and fluoride free.

13. Solar Portable Powerbank Charger

A superb gift idea: a waterproof powerbank charger suitable for charging all mobile devices including iPhones and Samsungs. Instead of just one solar panel like the others – this one comes with FOUR solar panels!

solar portable charger

The ADDTOP Ultra capacity 25000mAh powerbank is capable of charging most mobile phones 8-10 times, and tablets 3-4 times.

Features four fold-out, highly efficient solar panels, which charges 4-6 times faster than other brands.

Handy & Convenient Gift Ideas

Now we have a list of extremely useful gift ideas many of which would suit even non-travelers! Go and check these out for inspo:

14. The Little Bodhi Microfibre Travel Towel

A decent travel towel is always recommended, especially if your accommodation doesn’t guarantee one is provided.

It needs to be lightweight and thin – so as to easily pack into a carry-on bag, and to keep your carry-on as light as possible. And a travel towel made from microfibre material dries much quicker than cotton or polyester too.

microfibre travel towel

What I love about this towel is how lightweight and thin it is.

I bring two of these for traveling in hot destinations – one for drying myself after showering, and the other for the beach. You’ll be surprised how compact and light they are when tucked into your carry on bag.

15. Thumbs Up Wallet Ninja

TheThumbs Up Wallet Ninja is a nifty little tool that has countless uses – from opening letters, boxes cans and bottles, to transforming into a screwdriver of various sizes, to holding your cellphone upright. It’s the perfect gift for backpackers and practically anyone.

thumbs up wallet ninja

16. Packing Cubes

Now here’s a genius travel gift idea – packing cubes! These super useful storage bags keep yours (or your loved-ones) backpack/suitcase neatly organized freeing up much-needed space.


17. The Aeropress Espresso Coffee Maker

An absolute must for coffee-lovers – the Aeropress Coffee Maker is one my favorite things to take on my travels. The portable travel coffee press is simple, compact, lightweight, and affordable, and gives you fresh and delicious coffee wherever you go!

If you ask me, a coffee addict, this is one of the best gifts I could receive.


Gift Ideas for Readers

Books make the perfect gifts for avid readers and bookworms, but do you know about these unique book accessories for gift ideas? Check them out below:

18. TILISMA Book Page Holder

This handmade, natural walnut shade thumb bookmark is the ultimate gift for page-turners – a simple, easy, and very unique gift that not many people would have heard of! I actually bought one of these for my nan and she found it really helped with her arthritis.

page book holder

19. Lonely Planet’s Where To Go When

The ultimate trip planner for every month of the year, is a beautifully illustrated book that is both practical and inspiring. For every month fo the year, it presents 30 recommendations that are at their best during each month.

where to go

For bookworms and avid readers, check out my Travel Tools page for a list of excellent Travel Themed Book recommendations

Novelty Travel Gift Ideas

When you’re stuck for ideas or looking to buy a unique gift that doesn’t require lots of thinking, planning and research on what the gift-receiver likes, sometimes the easiest thing to do is to buy them a novelty gift – they are suitable for most travel-fans, whilst also being thoughtful ideas that stand out from the generic, predictable gifts from major brands and high street stores.

20. Twinkle LED Fairy Peg Lights

Featuring 40 LED Peg lights for clipping your favourite polaroid snaps and stringing them up on the wall, (on 5 meters of string). There’s 12cm between each light. The lights are operated by a battery pack with an ON/OFF switch, that requires 3x AA batteries.

twinkle lights

This gift makes a perfect party decoration, be it Christmas, birthdays, or Valentines. It’s also the perfect ambient light decoration for the living room, bedroom, kitchen, or any room.

21. World Map Camera Strap

For those avid photographers, this is a cleverly thought of gift idea, and not too costly either. Click on the Etsy link below to see a whole range of world map camera straps in various styles, colours and textures.


22. Travel-Themed Strategic Board Game

Now if you’re looking for something really unique: the ‘Ticket to Ride’ Europe Strategic Board Game is the ultimate board game for travelers, and it’s eco-friendly too – bonus.

ticket to ride europe-board-game

23. 100 Places Scratch Bucket List Poster

A wonderful gift that oozes wanderlust inspiration, this is perfect for the experienced explorer or the newbie traveler just starting out. Features 100 of the most beautiful, must-see places in the world.

100 places scratch poster

Travel-Inspired Jewelry Gifts

Why not gift your loved ones with a travel-themed piece of jewelry? Now that’s something different! Below are a few of my favourite travel-inspired jewellery gift ideas:

24. Personalized Globe Necklace

 A very simple yet effective gift idea that’s safe and easily likeable, you can’t go wrong with a gift like this one.

three personalized globe necklaces

25. Travel-Themed Adjustable Bangle

 Back in 2016 I got my wife (then girlfriend at the time) one of these and she loved it! It looks great when worn on its own or coupled with more jewelry.

travel themed bangle with plane, passport and globe icons



26. Personalized World Atlas Locket

Similar to the personalized globe necklace, this is a more intimate and personal idea with the added bonus of a sentimental hidden photo.

a marble-style colored world atlas locket

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Commonly Asked Questions

Here are the most commonly-asked questions about unique travel-related gifts:

How do you gift a gift of travel?

Gift travel by booking flights, hotels, tours or full package trips for the recipient. Present the itinerary in a creative way for a wonderful surprise.

What do you get for someone who travels a lot?

Frequent travelers appreciate useful, portable items like noise-canceling headphones, e-readers loaded with books, universal plug adapters, mobile chargers, toiletry kits, etc.

How do you give a trip as a birthday present?

To gift a birthday trip, secretly plan the travel dates and itinerary then reveal the details in a creative gift package on their special day for an unforgettable surprise.

How to do Christmas presents when traveling?

When traveling for Christmas, thoughtful virtual gifts like online gift cards, charity donations in their name, or services to use later like housecleaning show loved ones you care.

How do you gift a friend who is going abroad?

An ideal gift for a friend going abroad is a set of versatile, packable items they can use on their travels like packing cubes, mini first aid kits, scarves with hidden pockets, etc.

Can you buy travel vouchers as a gift?

Yes, many travel agencies and hotels offer gift vouchers and cards that can be used towards future trips, hotel stays, tours, and more – a great gift idea!

What is a travel addict called?

Someone obsessed with frequent travel is often called a travel addict, wanderlust victim or globetrotter.

So there you have it – the 26 unique travel-themed gift ideas fit for every traveler and travel lover.

Take it from my 9+ years of traveling the world – if you were to buy any one of the above for me, I’d not only be thrilled to receive a travel-themed gift, I would also be like, totally impressed.


Thanks for reading my post: 26 Unique Travel Themed Gift Ideas. I hope you’ll find lots of inspiration for travel gifts!

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