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London Dungeons: What To Expect & Ultimate Guide

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Wondering how to make the most of your London Dungeon trip?

So you want to see the dark side of London town? I mean the really creepy, send-chills-up-your-spine stuff. Forget those nice and neat history museums where they tidy up the past. The London Dungeons rip the lid off to uncover the city’s grimiest and most twisted tales.

This isn’t some snooze-fest field trip. The Dungeons bring London’s shadowy history right to life with live shows, special effects, and actors who pull you into the action.

You’ll come face-to-face with creepy characters who seem to leap from the past – from Jack the Ripper to Mrs. Lovett of Sweeney Todd fame. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, they find new ways to drop your jaw and tweak your nerves.

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London Essentials Checklist:

βœ… An excellent pair of walking shoes (for all that walking)
βœ… A hoodie or warm sweater (to stay warm and keep the wind at bay)
βœ… A decent raincoat (it rains a lot here)
βœ… A good quality compact camera (for taking great pics)

Take my advice: leave the kids and faint of heart at home. The London Dungeons are for the brave and bold who want the creepy thrills of London’s gritty backstories, warts and all.

It’ll liven up your history lesson, but you may not sleep well after. So are you ready to take a walk on London’s dark side? The Dungeons dare you to confront the city’s buried secrets and bloody past. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience… if you survive.

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Where is London Dungeons

London Dungeons: What To Expect & Ultimate Guide

The London Dungeons bring history to life in the most thrilling way. This complete guide gives you the inside scoop on what to expect, with tips to experience these creepy attractions to the fullest. Don’t miss the gruesome magic awaiting you at the London Dungeons!

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Overview: What is The London Dungeon?

This is not your ordinary historical museum. It’s a spooktacular journey through the dark history of London, where you can discover the gruesome history of torture at the London Dungeons with some of the funniest actors you’ll ever meet.

Forget about stuffy old textbooks – the London Dungeon brings history to life in a way that’s both thrilling and chilling. This immersive experience drops you right into London’s shadowy past, with talented actors guiding you through recreated scenes of crime, punishment, and torture.

london dungeons

Sure, you’ll learn about important historical events – but you’ll be having so much spooky fun you won’t even realize it’s educational. Just don’t miss the side-splitting comic relief scattered between the screams. Visitors say this terrifyingly funny attraction haunts their dreams – in the best way.

Think of it like a thrilling ride with a pinch of edu-tainment. The London Dungeon brings history to life by putting you right in the middle of the action. It’s part immersive theater, part thrilling haunted house, with surprises around every turn.

I’d say this attraction is perfect for anyone looking to get their history lesson served up with a side of screams and laughs. If you’re down for some creepy adventures through London’s twisted past, plus a few heart-stopping surprises along the way, the Dungeon is calling your name. Just maybe don’t eat a huge meal first!

Is London Dungeon scary?

Are you ready to face your fears and delve into the dark history of London? Then the London Dungeon is the place for you!

Brace yourself for an exhilaratingly frightful history lesson unlike any other at the London Dungeon. This thrilling attraction combines edge-of-your-seat rides, chillingly realistic sets, and special effects that will make you feel like you’ve time-traveled back to London’s creepiest events. Talented actors expertly deliver the frights and fun that bring the past to life right before your eyes.

london dungeon prisoner

Just don’t eat a big lunch first – the scares and unexpected twists in this horror house might churn your stomach. But if you come prepared for the thrills and chills, the London Dungeon will give you a historical experience you’ll never forget…even if you want to.

Age Range: Who should visit the London Dungeon?

Wondering if the London Dungeon is a good fit for you or the kiddos? Not to worry, they’ve got thrills and chills for all ages.

london dungeons

This isn’t your average haunted house – it’s more silly than straight-up scary. The actors put on a ghoulishly good show that’s equal parts funny and spooky. There are some tight spaces that may freak out claustrophobes, but nothing too extreme.

I’d say if your crew can handle a few jumps and surprises, you’re good to go. Little ones may cling to mom and dad at moments, but they’ll be smiling by the time you leave. The Dungeon does a great job walking that line between fear and fun.

So if you’re looking to get your history with a side of heart-pounding haunts, bring the whole family. There’s something spine-tingling for visitors of all ages within the London Dungeon’s walls!

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London Dungeon Reviews

The London Dungeons review from TripAdvisor:

“Absolutely loved the London Dungeon! The actors were amazing and the sets were really impressive. It was a great mix of history and entertainment, and definitely worth the money. Highly recommend!”

“We had an amazing time at the dungeons London! The actors were hilarious and really brought the experience to life. The special effects were also really impressive. Definitely a must-visit attraction!”

“This was such a fun experience! The London Dungeon really knows how to entertain and scare you at the same time. The actors were great and the whole attraction was really immersive. Highly recommend for anyone looking for something unique to do in London!”

From Google Maps:

“Amazing experience! The actors were fantastic and really brought the whole attraction to life. I got to learn about the history of plague doctors at the London Dungeons. The sets and special effects were also really impressive. Definitely one of the best things to do in London!”

“I loved the London Dungeon! It was such a unique and entertaining experience. The actors were so funny and really made the whole thing so enjoyable. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a fun time in London.”

london dungeons 2

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London Dungeon Tickets

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Alternatively, you can book the London Dungeons as part of a package that includes optional drinks and meals, or as part of a tour of other London museums and major attractions such as the London Eye, Westminster, Madam Tussauds and SEA Life. You can even get 2 for 1 London Dungeons tickets, by using the widget below:

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London Dungeon FAQs:

Below are some commonly-asked questions about the dungeons:

Is London Dungeon scary?

The London Dungeon is designed to be scary and offers a thrilling and immersive experience. Actors in immersive sets create frightening scenes from London’s history, playing with darkness, sounds, and smells to evoke fear. However, it’s worth noting that the actors won’t touch you, and the fear is primarily generated in your mind.

How long does it take to do the London Dungeons?

A visit to the London Dungeon typically takes around 60-75 minutes. It is recommended to allow this amount of time for the full experience. Booking e-tickets in advance is recommended due to potential crowding, and cancellation is possible up to 24 hours before the tour for a full refund.

What can I expect at the London Dungeons?

At the London Dungeon, you can expect a bigger and immersive experience located in the underground vaults of County Hall on the South Bank of London. It offers a unique journey through 1000 years of authentic London history, bringing the city’s past to life with interactive sets and engaging storytelling.

What age group is London Dungeons suitable for?

The recommended minimum age to visit the London Dungeon is 12 years old, although children over the age of 5 are allowed at the discretion of adults. Parents can decide if the attraction is suitable for younger children, but children under 5 are not permitted.

Do the actors touch you in London Dungeon?

No, the actors in the London Dungeon do not touch visitors. There may be instances where the actors jump out at the front of the group, but there is a policy in place to ensure no physical contact between the actors and the visitors.

Do you get wet in London Dungeon?

It is possible to get wet at the London Dungeon. Some reviews mention that visitors may experience water effects during certain parts of the attraction, which can result in getting wet.

Do you have to go on the drop ride at London Dungeons?

No, going on the Drop Dead: Drop Ride at the London Dungeon is optional. If you prefer to skip the ride, you can do so. It is not mandatory, and guests who do not wish to participate can choose to opt out.

Where to Stay in London:

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London tourist information

How to get there

The main airports serving London are Heathrow (LHR), Gatwick (LGW), Stansted (STN) and City (LCY). Click here for airport transfers to London.

Getting around London

There are a number of public transport options that link up all the towns and cities within Greater London, as well as the M25 that encircles Greater London with motorways linking the city to the rest of the country.

Cycling: There are new and updated networks of cycle routes throughout the city and nearby boroughs.

Bus: Buses are easy to use and run regularly from numerous stops. An adult trip costs Β£2 (cards are accepted) and you can use your Oyster Card.

How to get to London Dungeons by Train: The main stations are Euston, Kings Cross, Paddington and London Bridge and have great transport links to the rest of the UK. You can get a train from London to Birmingham in just 1.5 hours, Manchester in 2.5 hours, Bristol in 2 hours, and Edinburgh in 9 hours.

Car: London’s roads are very easy and convenient to navigate. You can hire a rental car here.

Best time to visit London

Early May to late September is the best time to visit, with July-August the warmest months. Rain falls throughout the year, with the wettest month being November, and the driest month being July.

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Conclusion: Visiting the London Dungeons 2023

Listen up, all you thrill-chasers and haunt hunters. If you’re looking to get your spine tingled and your nerves rattled, there’s only one place in London you need to know about – the Dungeons.

This terrifyingly terrific attraction will take you on a walk through the creepy catacombs of London’s history, bringing the past to life in ways you never imagined.

Feel brave enough to confront the corpses of London’s past? The plague doctors, torturers, and Jack the Ripper wannabes await. It’s one heck of a haunted house, but the terror is so worth it. Trust me, you won’t forget your trip to the London Dungeons. Just don’t blame me for the nightmares after!

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