41+ Free Online Courses, Tools & Software to Get Through Lockdown

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As a result of global Lockdown measures due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, countless reputable companies and brands are offering their services, courses and tools completely free.

Yes you heard right: FREE. Some of these are free indefinitely, some for a limited time.

Companies like Apple, Amazon and Affinity Designer are offering lots of free, state-of-the-art software, while apps like Aura and Headspace are dishing out free meditation videos, and top universities (think Yale, Harvard etc.) are running free courses and podcasts – many of which give you the option to receive official certificates for a small fee.

So to cut to the chase, I’ve put together over 40 incredible resources that have become free, due to Covid-19.

Scroll on to access this huge collection of free online courses, tools, freebies and software that has been made completely and 100% FREE for you to use.

Lets turn lockdown around – and put some new skills and valuable knowledge into your life!


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41+ Free Online Courses, Tools & Software to get through Lockdown

Free Online Courses



Free Courses from LinkedIn Learning


LinkedIn Learning are free online courses for a month. They cover everything, based on your preferences and the details in your educational section.

LinkedIn learning




70+ Free Courses from Harvard University


Harvard (yes, THE Harvard) University is offering an enormous collection of over 70 free online courses, from Game Development to Mobile App Development, to Science and Cooking.

(You might be able to put Harvard on your Resume..)



Course: TOEFL® Test Preparation (Free):


Prepare for the TOEFL® Test and learn how to improve your score and English language skills from the experts who create the exam.

This course by the Educational Testing Service, is available 2-4hrs per week, for 6 weeks. (You can get a Verified Certificate for $49).



Course: Yoga Classes (Free):


Core Power Yoga is giving free access to its new collection of weekly online Yoga courses.

core power yoga-1




Course: Introduction to Project Management (Free):


Learn the principles of product management, and apply them in your own work and life.

This course by the University of Adelaide in Australia, started on 29th April, available 2hrs per week, for 6 weeks. (You can get a Verified Certificate for $199).



Course: Innovation Leadership (Free):


Learn what it takes to become an innovation leader in the 21st Century, by former Medtronic Chair & CEO Prof. Bill George.

This course by the Georgia Institute of Technology, started on 16th March, available 4hrs per week, for 6 weeks. (You can get a Verified Certificate for $49).



Course: The Science of Wellbeing (Free):


In this course you will engage in a series of challenges designed to increase your own happiness and build more productive habits.

This course by Yale University, started on 29th April and takes 18 hours to complete (5 hrs per week suggested). You can get a valid shareable certificate upon completion. (Includes English and Spanish subtitles)



Course: Learn Mandarin Chinese (Free):


This introductory Chinese language course will emphasise basic language skills for everyday life in Mandarin speaking countries.


The course utilises pinyin, the standard system of Romanised spelling for transliterating Chinese, so learners will find it easy to understand and study the language.

This course by Tsinghua University via edX, started on 16th March, is self paced, recommended 2-3hrs per week, for 6 weeks. (You can get a Verified Certificate for $49).



Course: Basic Spanish (Free):


Learn Spanish and explore Spanish culture in this introductory language course, dedicated for English speakers.

This course by the Universitat Politecnica de Valencia, is available 5hrs per week, for 7 weeks. (You can get a Verified Certificate for $40).



Free Online Classes by Microsoft:


A collection of free online courses by in-house experts at Microsoft covering Java, Data Visualisation, C++, Logic and Computational Thinking, Deep Learning, and more.

This course is available for 6 weeks. (You can get a Verified Certificate for $99).





Course: How To Write An Essay (Free):


An introduction to academic writing for English Language Learners, focusing on essay development, grammatical correctness, and self-editing.

This course by the University of California, Berkeley, started on 29th April, and is available for 5 weeks. (You can get a Verified Certificate for $49). (Includes English subtitles).



Course: COVID-19 by WHO (Free):


The World Health Organization is offering a COVID-19 online course with a free record of achievement. The 3-module learning package introduces the context for the need for a coordinated global response plan to the COVID-19 outbreak.

This course by the World Health Organization, is available at anytime and any pace. (You can get a record of achievement by earning more than 80% of the maximum number of points from all graded assignments).

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Free Online Business & SEO Courses


MOZ Academy


SEO giant Moz are making all their courses FREE until 31st May – about a month away, so what are you waiting for? Use the promo code: wegotthis at checkout.



Facebook Blueprint Academy


Facebook are giving away free introductory courses in getting started with Facebook marketing.





Google Digital Garage


Get new skills for a digital world. Learn at your own pace, with flexible and personalised training courses designed to build your confidence and help you thrive.

Includes training in digital marketing, data and tech, career development.



Shopify – Free Online Courses


Learn while you build your business – Shopify is offering free business courses that cover SEO for beginners, goal setting, email marketing, Google ads, and more.

Free Social Media Marketing Courses


Social Brilliant


social brilliant

A $199 value, Social Brilliant is currently available for FREE!

Social Brilliant is a step-by-step guide for creating the most effective social media marketing for entrepreneurs. Designed by Laura Roeder, this course will teach you Laura’s secrets for how she used social media marketing to create a 7-figure-per-year business.



Canva Design School


Canva is offering its Design School for free, with courses on social media mastery, graphic design basics, branding your business, and more.

Canva is a personal favourite tool of mine, it’s what I use to create all my Pinterest pins. Below are some examples of my most popular pin designs:

Top Pins copy




Course: Strategic Social Media Marketing (Free):


Learn how to drive social media engagement by linking strategy and tactics and measuring results.

This course from Boston university, started on 30th April, and is available 4-6hrs per week, for 6 weeks. (You can get a Verified Certificate for $399).



Over – Free Design Training

Over app

The app Over has pushed through its desktop version and is now offering free design training for branding and social media until 30th June.



Wishpond Academy (Free courses)


Wishpond Academy are presenting a ton of free online courses covering email, Instagram marketing, Facebook ads, how to create contests, and more.

Free Meditation, Wellbeing and Mindfulness Exercises


Weekly Podcast at The Hammer (Free)


If you need help dealing with anxiety during this stressful time, these mindfulness meditation sessions through UCLA are free (and they’re great!)

The podcast meditations by UCLA, run every Thursday at 12:30pm (PST) via Zoom conferencing.



App: Calm – Free Resources

calm app

The mind app Calm is giving away loads of free meditation resources, movement exercises and sleep journals, all completely free.



App: Headspace – Free Resources


Another mindfulness app called Headspace is giving away yet more meditation and sleep exercises.



App: Aura – Free Resources

aura app

The app Aura – the #1 app for Emotional Health and Sleep – is providing a 3 month subscription for FREE when you use the code: findpeace2020

Free SEO Tools and Resources


Answer The Public


answer the public

Find 150+ keyword ideas in seconds. Most SEO tools get their data from the same place: The Google Keyword Planner. Answer the Public is different. This awesome tool finds questions that people ask on forums, blogs and on social media. And it turns those questions into awesome keywords.



Woorank’s SEO & Website Analysis Tool


Get a list of SEO improvements in seconds. This is a very handy Chrome extension. First, you get an overall SEO score. Then, the tool shows you EXACTLY how to improve your site’s on-page and off-page SEO.



Animalz Revive Tool


Improve and update old content. Animalz Revive helps you find older content on your site that needs an update, an upgrade.. or both. Before this tool, you had to manually comb through your Google Analytics account to find these pages.Which was a giant pain. Fortunately, this tool tells you exactly which articles on your site need the most attention.




can I rank

Quickly answer the question: “Can I rank for this keyword?” CanIRank is a super-detailed keyword difficulty tool. And unlike most free SEO tools, CanIRank doesn’t give you generic advice like: “This keyword is really competitive” Or, “This keyword has low competition”, Instead, it tells you whether or not YOU can rank for that keyword.





Get a deep-dive SEO site analysis. SEObility crawls your entire site and lets you know about search engine optimisation issues like:

  • Slow loading pages
  • Blocked pages
  • Sitemap problems
  • Technical SEO issues



Screaming Frog


screaming frog

Find and fix technical SEO issues in seconds. Let’s face it: Finding technical SEO problems on your site can be a HUGE pain.

Enter: Screaming Frog. This nifty tool crawls your site using a Google-like crawler. And it generates a report of potential issues (like HTTP header errors, javascript rendering issues, bloated HTML, and crawl errors).



Ahrefs: 44 Best Free SEO Tools (Tried and Tested)


SEO agencies don’t get much bigger than Ahrefs, and they have compiled a list of the best and most reputable SEO tools that are tried, tested and loved by businesses worldwide.



Moz: The 60 Best SEO Tools (100% Free)

moz seo

A collection of 60 of the best and most useful SEO tools out there, by Moz, another leader in the SEO industry. All of these tools, are widely used by the SEO community, offer above board value & actionable data, and are truly free.

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Free Software


Apple: Final Cut Pro X Free 90 Day Trial 

final cut

Apple is offering the professional video editing software Final Cut Pro X free for 90 days (the retail price is $350). Okay so it’s only 90 days, but thats 3 months of learning a whole new skill. And FCP X is one of the best, state-of-the-art video editing software you can get your hands on.



Apple: Logic Pro X Free 90 Day Trial 

logic pro

Apple is also offering its professional music editing software Logic Pro X free for 90 days. Just sign in (or sign up)  with your Apple ID to access the free goods.



Affinity: Design Suite: 90 Day Free Trial & 50% Discounts


Affinity Designer is the newer alternative to the Adobe Suite that’s just as powerful and state-of-the-art. They are currently offering their entire design suite for FREE for 90 days. Plus, if you choose to purchase any software, you’ll get a whopping 50% discount.



Amazon: Kindle Unlimited (Free 2 month trial)



Amazon is providing Kindle Unlimited free for two months. Simply sign into your Amazon account, go to Accounts & Lists, and click on Your Kindle Unlimited. (Remember to opt out after the 2-month period if you don’t want to start paying a subscription).



Audible: Free Stories


Audible is giving free access to children’s stories podcasts.

More Free Online Resources


GoDaddy: Create a Free Website



GoDaddy is offering its website builder with built in marketing tools like email marketing, one-time appointments, SSL, PayPal, and more.



The Simple Dollar


Online learning: College without the Degree (or the Cost) – the site hosts a collection of useful free online educational resources including the Khan Academy, Udemy, Skillshare, TedTalks, and more. 





Alison has 1,569 high quality courses from the world’s leading experts, available across 9 distinct categories, all absolutely free to complete.

Bonus: You can get a verified certificate upon completion of 80% of the courses – and Alison is currently offering a 20% discount on certificates.

Thank you for reading my post: 41+ Free Online Courses, Tools & Software to get through Lockdown

I hope you found this post useful!


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